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Combinations of various herbs and plants exhibiting natural origin and color tone used in the making of the works . Is achieved enviable bulkiness , pattern and combined to realize a work that is not inferior to paint pictures in the part of the most important art - PERCEPTION !
The paintings are inherently unique account used materiyali , processing and marketing .
Practically forever lasting . They do not age and turn yellow .
Preparation tear use of chemical components and is expressed in harvesting, drying , grinding and heat treatment to obtain the color palette.
Herbs except some of them are picked at Midsummer day. Works themselves are affecting the nervous system because of the use of herbs as a natural materyal and can help people who have problems with zdrveto .
Contact with works like therapy. It soothes the senses, takes us back to the beginning and now with the nature that we have turned from a neprozorlivosta our daily chemical exists. Deliver us from anxiety and stress of our hectic lives .
We emphasize the above is related to something curious about you as you read the statement , but to me is extremely important , as you will see !
The inclusion of herbs in the works came after a dream in which my grandmother
Glory Sevryukova ( Serevryukova ) told me to turn herbs !

Слава Севрюкова (Сереврюкова) -картини от сламки

Who's Glory Sevryukova ( Serevryukova ) - hard to explain !
It is very important to know , so I recline the possibilities of the Internet. Psychic and the only woman in the world with psychotronic eye.
Its capabilities are scientifically proven and patented. Because of obemnosta materiyal her give you the following addresses :
Home Page


Film of Fame Sevryukova

Glory Sevryukova in Wikia

For those who decide to purchase works created by me will get desired recipe of herbs, which are the fruit of the capabilities of my grandmother - personally created it.
The impact of the paintings I personally can not give evidence, with the help of baguettes show that where the picture stands neutralize pathogenic zone.
In view of the above I would like to clarify that my activity is not associated with any psychic possibilities!
For example ustoichivosta color frame with a soldier's photo from 1970 . - '44 Already stable colors.

The basis on which the works are realized can be wood, plywood , porcelain, glass. Materials processing cartridge and heat treatment to obtain the necessary nuances of straw in color spectrum .
The remaining work is the result of my personal skills to deploy straw at a right angle to reach the perception of work. Work process is very long given that the straws before being affixed to split with the different sizes, as pre- processed.
What I Made :
- portraits
- landscapes
- icons
- Decorations for photographs
- Inlay to vials Gifts
The main dimensions of paintings are :
- A3 - 30/42sm .
- A4 -21/30sm .
Also can be made without limitation in size .
The finished picture is framed so as to be suspended , or to be detached with the frame selection.